Jo Petty Canadian Artist
Internationally acclaimed in oils acrylics watercolours and silk painting

Oval Offerings

Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

24 X !8 inches

From the Collection of Mr. Hiroto, Hohhaido Japan

Oval Offerings

There are over 100 different types of cherry trees growing wild in Japan. If you are lucky enough to see the swaths of pink on the hillsides, you feel truly blessed. It takes your breathe away. You can understand why the Japanese people celebrate and honor these trees. Everyday on the news the first thing that is announced is where the cherries are blooming that day. Then comes the news. The blossoms are always first, and you hold your breathe waiting for the announcement that they are getting closer to where you are. Then there are festivals, and picnics planned for underneath the cherry trees. I feel so honored to have experienced this. What a sight. These trees were growing in a ditch along the roadside. Many people stopped to look at them. They were awesome!