Jo Petty Canadian Artist
Internationally acclaimed in oils acrylics watercolours and silk painting

The Fisrt Sign's of Spring

Oil on Canvas

24 x 20 inches


I was given this bouquet, and I knew the perfect vase to paint them in. However it belonged to a newly opened resturant in town. I ran from my studio to the resturant, and although the owner had met me, he did not know me that well. I grabbed the jug, just said I have to borrow this for 2 hours, and then I ran back to my studio. He did not say a word, just watched his jug leave his resturant. He ended up buying the painting. And yes I returned the jug as I had promised.

It is now in the collection of Martin Comtouis, with much thanks for trusting me, and not calling the police!!

The Fisrt Sign's of Spring