Jo Petty Canadian Artist
Internationally acclaimed in oils acrylics watercolours and silk painting

The Family Portrait

Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

48 x 72 inches


The Family Portrait

This piece is made up of 36 small 8 x 12 canvas', that I painted for the show in Tokyo. I heard the name of the building where the Gallery was, means sunflower. I dreamt that night about all these sunflowers floating on a rainbow background. Once home again in Canada, I started thinking of how this would happen. After a lot of designing different configurations using different shapes and sizes of canvas, this came up. The gradation of colours represents the rainbow. When I arrived in Tokyo with the show, I discovered that the building had 7 flags flying outside, and they were the colours of the "Rainbow". I had shivers run up my spine when I saw this. Half of the paintings remained with collectors of my work in Japan, and the other 16 came home, and are in the collection of Rob Low. I wonder if they will ever make it back together again, They have already had quite the journey, so who knows anything is possible!! After all look what they have been through already!