A Mandala Meditation

The project began in the early spring of 2016. The year and month our granddaughter was born. It was such a happy time. Unfortunately for me though, the happy times can have an equally powerful other side. I started drawing these as a meditation to help me get back from the darker side of life. I was drawing one or two every few days. I started stepping back up the healing ladder. I then started posting them on my Facebook page. By the comments that came in, I realized they were doing the same thing for other people. At that point I felt like the project became bigger than I ever would have imagined. I started doing one a day. My goal was for ‘A Mandala a day for a year. And because I wasn’t good at pressure of any kind, I said one a day for a year or not! If I ran out of inspiration, I would stop.
The project took on a life of its own. I became the pathway for creative spiritual energy. Sometimes, when I was drawing these, I would feel the presence  of someone I knew. And they would stay with me through the whole process... the next morning when I posted the mandala the person who ‘visited me’ would comment. Sometimes it was their birthday, sometimes it was the anniversary of a relationship or a death. They were also healing others…
It showed me the power of love, of connection, of spirituality and art. They are 6 x6 inches. It was a perfect size to hold in my hands. It was the way I drew all of them.

This is a sampling of them. I will post more in awhile… when the muse again strikes me.

mandala, once a day, mental health, reiki