My theme in life and art has always been "Every Mark Matters" and my goal is to impart the inspiration of that statement to every person I instruct and with whom I work.

 Art is an energy that is alive and all around us. It comes through the artist or the medium and when a viewer acknowledges or responds to that energy it is one of the greatest rewards.

With over 40 years of experience as an artist and instructor, I have developed my own unique style of working. It brings authenticity, intuition, and creative exploration into my art practice.


Jo is a self taught artist. She has also been very active in workshops and seminars from Emily Carr College Outreach program, Thompson Rivers University and the Kamloops Art Gallery.

Some of my greatest living mentors have been Canadian Artist Brian Scott from Courtney, B.C. Royden Josephson from Ashcroft B.C and Marilyn Kennedy from Luseland, Saskatchewan 

 Historic Artists who have influenced my work are Monet, The Impressionists, The Expressionists, Georgio O'Keefe, Dali and the Surrealist movement. 

Artist Statement

I paint because I have too! I can not imagine my life without creativity. In my paintings, I am fascinated by colour and design, the way lines move and flow just like our lives. A piece can begin with a single line and I follow it through to the end.

I have been doing Art all my life, and working in different mediums stimulates the progression of my work through many genres and styles.

Owning and running my studio practice, in Ashcroft B.C. along with the teaching that I do keeps my Artistic voice fed.